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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) from Controls Online enable Wireless Sensors, I/O, Serial and Ethernet Communications

Controls Online are experts with Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) hardware and software.
We develop, manufacture and distribute cutting edge and robust devices.

At this layer in IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) – data from individual sensors with current, voltage, pulse or digital outputs or devices that have serial communications (i.e. PLCs) is transmitted and received over wireless protocols and can be transferred to a gateway or another device (Router, Modem, RTU, PLC, or directly to an IPC). It is also possible to control devices over the Wireless Sensor Network via remote IO or embedded into control devices.

Wireless Sensor Networks WSN

Controls Online offer Zigbee and WiFi protocols for our Wireless Sensor Network Devices

Wireless Gateways, Repeaters, Wireless IO Nodes (external to sensor, for wiring sensors into), Wireless Sensors (wireless capability inbuilt into sensors). At this layer and above - network security is highly important, which is why Controls Online uses standardised and encrypted data transmission protocols.

Common License free radio frequency bands in Australia are 433MHz, 915MHz and 2.4GHz.The most common industrial Wireless Sensor Protocols at present include Wireless HART, WiFi and Zigbee.

Benefits of using Zigbee for Wireless Sensor Networks

The standardised Zigbee protocol is industrialised, low power for battery saving and more secure than WiFi.
Controls Online offer both Zigbee and WiFi
, plus protocols such as MODBUS over wireless network. We also have 3G/4G available at our gateways and directly on our RTUs.

There are other protocols such as Bluetooth and many proprietary protocols, however in our opinion the cons outweigh the pros for industrial applications as these protocols are not robust, scaleable or open enough for industrial use. Closed or proprietary protocols are not governed by any neutral body or alliance and therefore are not continually evolving with relevance to the rest of the world.

We offer Zigbee, due to it's inter-operability and standardisation as a protocol and because it is well supported globally. Zigbee has some excellent features – the nodes can talk to each other directly, without going through the gateway (peer to peer communication). They can also form a wireless mesh – the sensors themselves can be used as repeaters – extending the network range and increasing the robustness of the network.

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Controls Online - COIN-CO4100 series ZigBee + RS232 + DIO + AIO
Controls Online - COIN-CO4100 series ZigBee + RS232 + DIO + AIO
Sale Price: $365.00
Price: Contact us.

Controls Online's COIN-CO4100 ZigBee + RS232 + DIO + AIO is an advanced, low power remote IO terminal node device that sends and receives data over unlicensed 2.4GHz Zigbee (IEEE 802.14.5). COIN-CO4100 terminal can be used to create wireless sensor networks and receive 5 analogue, pulse and/or digital inputs and outputs. COIN-CO4100 can be used as a standard industrial serial RS232 or RS485 or RS422 wireless terminal to connect PLCs, PCs, MODBUS sensor networks or other devices to the ZigBee network. With many advanced features, you can use COIN-CO4100 as a simple Point to Point link, or you can create an extensive wireless network in Star, Branch or Mesh topologies.

Paired with Controls Online's gateway COIN-WSNR-1, you can transfer data from the ZigBee wireless network to WiFi, Ethernet LAN or Cellular 3G/4G. The router provides data transmission functionality by public WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+ networks. You can then connect to a remote server, cloud or private VPN.

COIN-CO4100 ZigBee Node Terminal has been developed with industrial grade components and designed for low power consumption. COIN-WSNT-1 is a highly versatile and robust ZigBee Node Terminal for wireless sensor and serial device networks. Applications include M2M (Machine to Machine) fields, such as smart transportation, smart grid, smart cities, industrial automation, wireless telemetry, POS, water metering, environmental monitoring, agriculture and irrigation, and many more applications.

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