Process Controllers and Digital Displays


DAYTECH's range of Process Controller and Digital Display technology offers robust, precise and economical solutions for process and environmental applications.


Smart Programmable process controller for switching and display in a wide range of applications.

  • Manufacturing, process or environmental applications;

  • Smart process display and controller;

  • Precision Temperature, Level, Pressure, Flow, Volume or Mass Control in liquids, gases or solids applications;

  • Flexible use as process display and/or controller for temperature, pressure, level, flow, mass, volume or custom units per specification.

  • Control pumps, valves, heaters, tank level, silo level, pipeline pressure or air compressors.

  • Smart programmable relay outputs;

  • RS485 Modbus communications;

  • Analogue output and 4 relay outputs.

  • AC or DC input and On board DC power supply output to sensors.

  • High accuracy microprocessor control technology.