Hydrostatic Level Measurement Products


DAYTECH's range of Submersible Hydrostatic Level Measurement technology offers robust, precise and economical solutions for process and environmental applications.



  • Accuracy of ±0.25 F.S to ±0.5% F.S

  • Ranges of 0 to 500mH2O, IP68

  • 4-20mA, 0-5V and 0-10V output types

  • 12-30 Vdc supply

  • Diffused silicon pressure transmitter

  • Several special structures for different applications

  • Non-polarity two wire current output available

  • Lightning Protection type optional

  • Reinforced cables

  • CE Certification



  • Deep water level measure

  • Hydrological monitoring (Surface and ground water)

  • Water and Wastewater treatment

  • Muddy liquid level monitoring

  • Tank level monitoring

  • Irrigation

  • Circulating fluid monitoring



The DT-LS400 Series Liquid Level Transmitter is designed for reliable and economic performance. The cables have a high resistance to abrasion, oil, acid and alkali. The series is widely used in wastewater treatment, potable water treatment, surface water (reservoirs/lakes/rivers) water monitoring, bore/well monitoring and irrigation applications with proven performance. The series complies with CE certification.


Available with automatic temperature compensation and 5 different structures, the DT-LS400 is suitable for a diverse array of applications. It offers high accuracy, a compact structure and long term stability.


LS400 is designed for a variety of submersible applications.

LS400-1 is specially designed for the waste water treatment field.

LS400-2 is specially designed and mainly for concrete mixing.

LS400-WH is mainly used for hydrological monitoring.

LS430 is specially designed for deep well level measurement.

Daytech's Display and Process Controller can be used with the level sensor for displaying the readings and for a range of equipment control tasks, such as pump control, level control and any more applications.